Sunday, February 01, 2009

Having a baby will teach you true multi-tasking

I try to spend my weekend nurturing my hobbies: which currently include blogging, photography, and trying to write an AI (Artificial Intelligence) file for Age Of Empires II - The conqueror's campaign. I also have a small baby who is about 10 months old. This has actually taught me multi-tasking. For example I am trying to write a blog-post, when my wife would come and ask me to hold our son, so that she can do some chores. Earlier, when the baby was younger, I would just hold him on my lap, and go on with my stuff, but since now the his is more active, I would play with him, or carry him around the veranda, till the time my wife is back from her chore. This would go on and on, with me switching context every few minutes. I would suggest everyone to have a baby, having a baby is an amazing experience, and you will never stop learning with him.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

A fine balance

A heavy feeling on my mind,
things are not going where they should be.
Yet, I am the one to blame...
coz, I know the rules of the game.
Why I play it on my terms,
and feel bad, when there is a setback?
I am the master of my own destiny,
maintaining a fine balance where there isn't any.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My cribs about my city

I have a blog specifically to crib about my favorite city, Kolkata It is not being pinged by Technoratti. I believe that is probably because it has not gained popularity.
See it here My cribs about Kolkata

Creativity and Toothpaste

I have undertaken this awesome resolution of managing all four of my blogs and have planned to undertake atleast one post every week. Now that is a tough assignment on myself ... don't believe that creativity is like toothpaste: it's not that you press the tube ... and voila ... out comes .... no not the toothpaste ... the blog post.

As I have this new zeal of popularizing and publishing my blogs, I was looking around to see what others are doing. I saw that very few blogs have original content. Don't know whether I will have the same fate... the very reason all my juices had dried up, though I had been one of the first kids (read man) on the blogosphere, blogging away since 2005, (Earlier I used to blog on rediff, which I lost contact with) I have not created much content till date.

See, I have been posting meaningless stuff in this blog since I resurrected it from the ashes this year. The poet in me is hiding away, from the tasks of a demanding job, a wife, an infant, mother, family, photography, books, games and other activities with which I cram my days. The prose writer in me is hammering away in the keyboard, but really not sure what kind of "toothpaste" coming out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I think I am creative. It is manifested by the fact that I try to write poetry, prose, photography, painting, etc... The problem is that with creativity comes fickleness... the poet within me stopped working in 2007. After a small lapse, the photographer took over, which explains the big gap in my posts for this particular blog.
This year, I have planned to make amends. While the poet is stubborn and moody, refusing to pen out even a single line, the prose writer must take over.
Lets see how this goes this year. In the meantime, you can visit my photo blog.