Sunday, February 01, 2009

Having a baby will teach you true multi-tasking

I try to spend my weekend nurturing my hobbies: which currently include blogging, photography, and trying to write an AI (Artificial Intelligence) file for Age Of Empires II - The conqueror's campaign. I also have a small baby who is about 10 months old. This has actually taught me multi-tasking. For example I am trying to write a blog-post, when my wife would come and ask me to hold our son, so that she can do some chores. Earlier, when the baby was younger, I would just hold him on my lap, and go on with my stuff, but since now the his is more active, I would play with him, or carry him around the veranda, till the time my wife is back from her chore. This would go on and on, with me switching context every few minutes. I would suggest everyone to have a baby, having a baby is an amazing experience, and you will never stop learning with him.