Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nice to be home

It is a hot day. I walk through the shabby street, glowing like fire with the heat of the mid-day sun. My shirt is drenched with sweat, my throat is perched and I sigh, taking a glance at the soft-drink stall in the street corner. I walk, my destination is fixed, but I am just touching the waypoints. My heart is filled with hope, as I slowly inch towards my destination, which is still far away. At last I reach the last point of the day, I know my baby steps will make it. It is nice to be home.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Apple of Discord?

This is an old reflection written when I was in New York. I republished this here to keep all my reflections at one place

It is a beautiful morning ...
The sun plays hide and seek with me through my maroon curtains.
I turn off the AC to feel the nice smell of warm September air.
The streets look deserted, except for an occasional car passing by.
I can see from the window, an old lady, cleaning her garden.
Everything looks so beautiful ... yet something in the corner of my heart tells me ... I don't belong here.
I am not for this peaceful vegetative life.
I long for change, my spirit lives on a diet of change.
My spirit is malnourished ... living only on predictable routine of office, home and endless hours of mindless net surfing.
Is it what you call growing up?

Saturday, April 22, 2006


It is cloudy; the air is fresh and cool.
I ponder over the damp gray mark on the wall.
It slowly metamorphose into a face, a face I have only seen once
Yet it is permanently etched in my heart and my soul.
My heart feels warm, as if the face has spread its warmth, in an otherwise gray world.
I see colors, vibrant and I am filled with an unexplained joy: Still there is a small pain that stays: Amor mio you are so far away, I can feel you but can’t see.
The optimist time proclaims, this state is transient !!!


It is a contradiction ... I do it, I don't like it, but still I do it!The world is a lonely place ... and to solace a lonely self, the world is not enough.It goes in circles ... I seek new path, none better than the others.I know the path is wrong, yet I try it, and I try it again just to be sure,and then I try it again ... may be it was right!With a heart full of remorse, I conclude it was wrong...Yet I try again ... this time again an old and abandoned path...I know the right path deep in my heart, but the gates are closed.I cannot open the door, alas.Back again, to the wrong path, try again...Always the foolish optimist.